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The tone ‘Fa’ – the sacred solfeggio scale frequencies 639 Hz & 528 Hz

helps creates harmonious relationships, communication and love

 From Aphrodite to Venus, Inanna-Ishtar to Adonis and Shiva

Foods used throughout history to get you in the right mood for love:

Alfalfa sprouts; almonds; aloe vera; apples; apricots; artichokes; asparagus; avocados; baby spinach; bananas (if there was ever a ‘phallic symbol’ of the male appendage – men may not choice the lady finger variety – size matters); beans (though can be a passion-killer if you are prone to gas/flatulence); beetroot; betel nut; berries; broccoli; cabbage; carrots, celery; cauliflower; chives; chocolate; coconut; cucumber; fennel; figs; grapes; garlic (best not to breathe on any one); honey; onions; oysters; peach; pecans; pine nuts; pomegranate; pumpkin seeds; spinach (makes you strong like pop eye); sunflower seeds; pure seafood. Shellfish (eg mussels, scallops and anchovies); quince; snow peas; truffles; raw organic eggs; vanilla; walnuts; wheat germ; and yams.

Almond MilkNuts, seeds and pulses contain plant chemicals called phytosterols, which are known to promote testosterone production. Nuts also contain magnesium, which balances levels of hormone prolactin, which can compete with testosterone. Almonds are regarded as the most nutrient-containing nut high in important reproductive system nutrients including zinc and L-arginine. Sunflowers are also regarded as the most nutrient-containing seed.

AsparagusYou’re not alone if long, firm, tender stalks evoke erotic images. Nineteenth-century bridegrooms were served three courses of asparagus due to its supposed lover-giving powers.

Caviar – Is reputed to have been the virility booster for both Casanova and Rasputin.  You too can be a ‘Sexual Adonis’.

Champagne known for centuries as the drink of love, moderate quantities of champagne can lower inhibitions and cause a warm, glowing feeling. Just check out the famous lover Casanova – he used champagne to conquer his many lovers.

Chocolate – ‘Aztec Viagra’ a renowned aphrodisiac, it may be because of the feel-good chemicals it releases. Chocolate / pure cacao is high in the mood-enhancing amino acid DL-phenylalanine, Phenylethylamine (PEA) which improves opiate (eg Dopamine) responses in the brain. Its benefits may be a combination of aroma, taste, texture and appearance that excites the senses. Chocolate is both a sedative that relaxes, and a stimulant that increases desire.

Celery seeds – soaked in water (an infusion) and washed over the male reproductive organ prior to intercourse is said to help in maintaining full erection. The ancient Romans had the right idea when they dedicated celery to Priapus, their god of fertility and virility. This veggie contains androsterone, a male hormone that according to researchers attracts women.

Fresh Figsancient Greeks celebrated seasonal crops in a frenzied copulation ritual. Many believe the shape of the figs represent womanhood. The legendary Cleopatra’s favourite fruit was said to be the fig.  Two figs together according to the ‘doctrine of signatures’ resembles the male’s testicles, the fruit to fondle.

Garlic (Allium sativum) – in studies garlic was given in drinking water at doses of 100mg per kilogram of body weight per day over a 3-month period. Results showed that there was significant increase in the weight of seminal vesicles; epididymides and the sperm counts were also significantly elevated.

Herbs and Spices throughout history, various herbs and spices have been used to stimulate the libido, so why not add asafoetida, basil, cloves, garlic, ginger, ginseng, pepper, and cardamom to your menu?

Honey Sweet, spreadable and smoothing, honey is the ultimate love food. While Egyptians offered it to the god of fertility, other cultures encouraged newlyweds to lick honey off each other’s palms, ensuring a sweet life together.

Onion juice – combined with honey is said to support sperm production.

Oranges age-old customs say lovers who bathe in orange-scented water after the first time they make love will have a long and lust-filled union. Oranges soaked in Grand Marnier liqueur and dipped in chocolate are said to set the loin on fire.

Oysters were another favourite of Casanova who reputedly ate 50 raw ones every day in the bath, with his lady of the moment. They’re high in zinc and mucopolysaccharides – essential for the production of sex hormones – and the repeated changing of the oyster’s sex from male to female gives it sexual mystique.

Walnuts are a good source of copper and were used by the Romans to increase libido and sexual desire. They were thrown at newlyweds to increase fertility. If you suffer from an under-active thyroid condition excessive ingestion of walnuts may potentially worsen the condition by increasing the clearance of the thyroid hormone, thyroxine, from the body, though they may benefit those with an overactive thyroid condition.

Getting your body into good condition

Health by DesignI recommend a moderate exercise program, especially for the ladies, though, if hubby is a self-made man but has been using the wrong materials for the last few years and is now more stomach than man, then this is an activity you can both participate in – selfcare.

Life is Movement 

Do regular exercise makes you feel great, keeps your body flexible and supple, and promotes longevity and healing. Exercise also has a powerful effect on the mind by enhancing the release of pain relieving and mood-elevating substances in the brain called endorphins and also described as some of our bodies ‘happy hormones’. Exercise is the best remedy proven to alleviate depression.  Moderate exercise helps to improve sleep, reduces stress, increases self-esteem, promotes good circulation, enhances cardio-vascular fitness, switches on the antioxidant enzymes and tones and strengthens the muscular/skeletal systems. Exercise increases growth factors and BDNF – brain derived neurotrophic factor that increases new brain cells and connectivity – switches the lights back on.  It must be remembered that too much exercise can be just as dangerous to our health as too little exercise, so find a happy balance.  Variety is the key – e.g. High interval and alternate resistance training. Heat / Cold training.  Hyperoxygenation breathing – Energy begets more energy.

Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later need to find time for illness’.  –   Edward Stanley.

‘Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”                                                                                –   Mahatma Gandhi.

A spinal check from your chiropractor or osteopath might also be worth looking into. Over the years, I’ve observed that pelvic stagnation problems and a tilted uterus can indeed lead to reproductive dysfunctions. Pelvic congestion can also occur when the breathing cycle is interrupted. When we breathe, our lungs not only expand and contract, but every part of our body moves subtly, in a rocking fashion, including the pelvis. The subtle rocking of the pelvis causes an expansion and contraction of the muscles within the pelvic walls and the muscles, in turn pump the lymphatic fluid. If the lymphatic pump is slowed down, the pelvis will become fixed and unable to move properly, leading to congestion of the lymph fluids within the pelvis. Injuries to the lower vertebrae of the back and sacro-iliac joints may need to be investigated and treated to restore correct function.  Stand more and sit less the human body is designed to be upright (levitate), if you value your health get up off your backside!

Regular bodywork such as massage is also good to promote deep relaxation; blood and lymph flow throughout the body.  Mercier Therapy® and The Webster techniques are example of gynovisceral manipulation for optimal pelvic health.

Non-essential medications and drugs such as tobacco, alcohol and coffee would be best avoided or kept to a very minimum. You don’t want me rousing on you for that. Check with your doctor first to rule out what can go and what should stay. All medications either slow or stop body metabolic processes.

Diet should be wholesome and as fresh as possible. Periodic mini-fasting on vegetable juices for 3–5 days can be useful, with periods of 2–4 weeks on an adequate protein (mostly vegetarian) diet. Moderate amounts of soy foods are a good choice of protein for females, as they contain phytoeostrogens.  The diet should include plenty of raw and conservatively cooked vegetables; various fresh fruits; plenty of clean (filtered) water (approximately 2 litres daily); seaweeds; seeds; nuts; beans; legumes, pulses, fresh wheat germ; lecithin; LSA (linseed, sunflower seed and almond nut powder); and whole grains. These are all necessary to build a healthy foundation to your diet regime. Try to source organic foods when possible as the nutrient content is very high (in many cases

thousands of times higher than other foods) and are void of the harmful pesticides and herbicides. Also, don’t forget the basics:


Getting moderate full-spectrum sun light exposure  

Let the sunshine in’

Enlightenment – light the super nutrient, the sun is male energy – life’s electricity; deity ‘god of day’ – the light we are exposed to on a day-to-day basis has an influence on ovulation and reproductive hormones. Lack of adequate sunlight can result in depression, which in turn can suppress fertility. Avoid excessive artificial light sources. Inadequate full spectrum sunlight exposure effects eye (retinal) – pineal gland and hypothalamus-pituitary hormone production. Gonadotrophic hormones, growth hormones (the youth and regenerating hormone), melatonin and sex hormones can all be disrupted affecting the correct function of the endocrine system.  Melatonin is produced by the pineal (pinecone shaped) gland that regulates our circadian rhythm; if you have ever experienced jet lag or are a shift-worker you will know what it feels like when it’s out of balance.  Sunlight is needed to recharge the bodies’ cellular batteries the photon particles from the sun are ‘angles of light’ (or put in other words could be said – ‘messenger angels’).  When protons touch the skin, it stimulates ATP production and purifies the cell mitochondria.

The body is believed to get over 1500 nutritional compounds from full spectrum sunlight.  Try to get at least 20 minutes of quality sunlight every day and leave your sunglasses at home. Sunlight is a natural immune booster – increases T Lymphocytes, Melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) – reduces inflammation; increases nitric oxide, improves circulation lowers blood pressure; increases serotonin and dopamine – enhances mood; and reduces mortality. Vitamin D3 is converted from UVB sun exposure that is utilized when the sun is over 50 degrees in the horizon e.g. 11AM to 3PM.

*When your cast shadow is shorter than your height. Inadequate sunlight will cause a chain reaction of hormonal imbalances of the endocrine systems this will ultimately affect many bodily functions also contributing to moodiness, aggression, and irritability.

Getting quality sleep – Rest, digest, relax and heal time to clean house.

1/3 of our lives are spent on sleep that mean approximately 26 years.

Sleep helps to restore and rejuvenate the brain and organ systems including the reproductive system. Lack of sleep may even lead to menstrual irregularities that may be a factor in delaying conception. It appears that the hormones that trigger ovulation, and even the sperm maturation process, are somehow tied into the body’s biological clock.  The release of sleep-wake hormones such as melatonin, serotonin and cortisol is triggered, in part, by information given to the brain by its ‘light meter’ the pineal gland usually involving light reception on the retina of the eye. The same part of the brain that regulates sleep-wake hormones also stimulates daily pulses of reproductive hormones for men and women via a feedback cycle.  90% of fat burning occurs during delta deep sleep also the glial cells in the brain drain fluid and inflammation into the lymph while your asleep.

Remember the rule of thumb of having eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work, and eight hours of play. It has been reported that the best quality of sleep is achieved prior to midnight, therefore try to get into a routine of getting to sleep earlier. Reduce blue light exposure at night several hours before sleep. Get inverted – raise the feet above the heart this de-adrenalises your body.  Elevated cortisol hormone late in the day affects melatonin conversion and sleep quality.

Some natural remedies to improve sleep quality include:

Nutrients – Calcium, magnesium, niacin (B3), B5, B6, B12; Adenosine (the sleep molecule of the brain) – at 100 to 200mg sucked sublingually under the tongue nightly; supplemental Melatonin – starting at 3mg evening dosages (increasing slowing depending on desired response – melatonin may in the beginning increase lucid dreaming); Tryptophan or 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HT) precursors to the ‘happy happy joy joy’ chemical – serotonin, taking in the morning, GABA.

Herbal remedies may include:  Valerian spp, chamomile, corydalis, lavender, pulsatilla, jamacia dogwood, lemon balm, california poppy, passionflower, polygala, skullcap, kava, hops, nutmeg, tulsi leaf (holy basil), oat green / seed, withania, zizyphus and griffonia simplicifolia (best plant source of 5-HTP – the precursor to serotonin). 6.5 -7 hours is ideal and best to sleep before 11.00pm.  Optical lenses such as True Dark®, Twilight® block out blue and other light spectrums that can disturb sleep.  Try Oura® ring sleep trackers.

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

–  Benjamin Franklin.


Get plenty of pure ‘negatively charged’ unpolluted air

Oxygen is the most vital element needed for life, it alkalises and electrifies the body.  Good quality air is necessary to balance our oxygen and nitrogen for cells to regenerate. Life doesn’t exist without it. Avoid long-term exposure to air conditioning systems. Slow diaphragmatic breathing puts your body into parasympathetic ‘SAFE’ state.  “Breath” practise conscious deep breathing techniques, deep breath in and then letting the breath go! Shallow breathing negatively affects detoxification, weight control, pain threshold tolerance, energy production and cognitive function.  Hyperbaric, LIVE O2 are effective oxygen therapies, Hepa® & IQ air filter units are also good to help clean the air quality.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) ‘Out of tune with nature’ – Dirty Electricity.

Try to avoid as much EMF exposure as possible. Some evidence suggests that humans may actually require a low-level field of EMF exposure in order to reproduce (the earth’s core and thunderstorms naturally radiate low-field EMF). The type that is detrimental to our health is the low-field ionising EMFs, which we are exposed to from X-rays and air travel (cosmic radiation).

Non–ionising EMFs are not fully understood in regard to their effects on reproductive function. This form of EMF is sourced from radio frequencies, microwaves, lasers, and electric appliances, radiation, high voltage lines and power outputs.

To be on the safe side it is probably best to minimise your close proximity to power point outlets and switch off as many non-essential appliances as possible, including the bedside clock, electric blankets, smart light circuits, mobile phone broad case towels, wi-fi, internet, video display units, computer monitors, chemtrails, smart meters (electromagnetic subliminal mind control – the woodpeaker signal – feeds holographic information creating sub-realities, altered perception, and entrainment).  EFM’s effect voltage gate calcium channels (VGCC) in us, animals, plants and even the microbiome.

VGCC’s are decimated by high EMF exposure. VGCC are high in brain, heart and reproductive organs and are necessary to transfer calcium ions in and out of cells.  Extreme low frequencies (ELF’s) cause bio-hacking changes to the frequency band of the planet’s atmosphere leading to transhumanism.  Turn off ALL power and wi-fi in the bedroom at night for safety.

Studies have revealed that women who worked in an environment high in EMF exposure were three and a half times more likely to have impaired fertility from endometriosis, and two and a half times more likely to have cervical factors (which could impede the sperm ability to penetrate) in comparison to other women not exposed to similar working environments. This also applies equally to men as well. Reishi mushroom, burdock and grapeseed are good examples of some phytoceuticals that may help to protect the body from the effects of radiation. Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) can absorb radiation, as do cactus plants. The spider plant, or African violet, is also believed to be a natural detoxifier that can absorb ions and naturally balance humidity. Its hairy leaves can trap dust particles and remove toxins. The geranium scent it emanates is refreshing and is said to harmonise negative emotions as well!

Crystals such as amethysts and quartz combat atmospheric pollution and electro-magnetic fields; the sought-after celestial blue Lapis Lazuli stone is symbolic of wisdom, truth, power and enlightenment; they are also said to be beneficial when promoting healing. A good idea to put next to your computer or other high-radiation output areas! Magnespere™ therapy is also very effective.

Grounding or Earthing – stand barefoot on the earth 15 mins plus daily,

If you can stand on the beach even better this will give good negative ions back to your body, grounding increases zeta potential reduces the clumping of blood cells and increase electrons that electrically charge our cells. Grounding may also help to reduce bad calcification formation such as plaque build-up in the tissues.  Grounding helps reverse electron deficiency syndrome (EDS) – reduces inflammation, increases hydrogen and improves levity. Very important to put into practise this is one of best things you can do for your health and its free.

Last but definitely not least, a positive mental attitude. The essence of life! Attitude is also an important factor in the process of health maintenance and healing. We must have a positive state of mind in order to bring harmony to the body. The realisation that the body (lifestyle), spirit (desire), and mind (belief) must come together is the first step to better health. Avoid toxic relationships and find purpose and passion in your life. If you have true intent synched with the natural flow of the language of life, good things will manifest to you. What we give out we get back. You have already made the choice you’re here to try to understand why you made it.  Acknowledge the experience you are having, taking responsibility it’s your choice to not become a victim, follow your intuition and let go of fear. Be authentic and embrace joy, peace, love and compassion.

‘Your personality creates your reality.’  – When you positively change your inner world, you change your external world and then you arrive at abundance.

“If you have a happy hippocampus then you’ll be a happy camper!”

Question to ponder over – “Does having a good mood make you want to eat good food, or does good food put you in a good mood?” – food for thought!

Plug back into natural grass roots of change literally starts from the ground up.

To help let go of negative emotion: forgiveness to make right say these phases Ho’oponopono – I’m sorry; Please forgive me; I love you; Thank you.