Nutritional Medicine

There is no doubt that good nutrition is an essential part of achieving good health.

Dietetics is the study of how diet affects the human body and which nutrients are beneficial in various disease states. Many conditions deplete your body's nutrient levels. Eating foods which best suit your body composition and constitution increase the available energy within your body.

Utilizing foods which are higher in nutritional value increase your vitality and reducing your risk or disease. When nutritional conditions are not ideal, additional supplementation with various vitamins and minerals may be therapeutically recommended to bring your body into a state of balance.

Herbal Medicine

For centuries, plants have healed the body; they are the oldest and still the most widely used system of medicine in the world today. Most herbs used today have been clinically or scientifically tested to prove their efficacy and safety. The healing constituents of herbs are extracted from the plant. The concentrated extracts are then available to you in various forms: Tinctures (liquids), Tablets, Capsules, Dried, and made into topical applications - such as creams or poultices.

Flower Essences

Flower essences are vibrational medicines which have been used throughout history by indigenous cultures and ancient Egyptians. They act by resonating with our body's own healing ability, stimulating it to heal itself from emotional, spiritual or physical blockages. Flower essences are safe and gentle enough to be used by pregnant women and children, whilst powerful enough to stimulate true healing. They are especially useful in treating long standing emotional and spiritual issues, and have been described as acting like deep meditation.

You may be familiar with 'Emergency Essence' (Australian Bush Flowers) or 'Rescue Remedy' (Bach Flowers) which are easily available at most chemists. Many people who are unfamiliar with flower essences,swear by the benefits of these combination remedies. These over the counter essences are extremely beneficial in times of personal crisis to settle feelings of anxiety and nervousness etc.

Personalised flower essences

Personalised flower essences can be tailor made to treat the individual. At our clinic we use the Australian Bush Flower range which consists of 69 different essences which treat different emotional, spirtual and physical concerns.

Here at the Jackson Health Naturopathic we believe in treating the whole person. We believe there are often emotional links, if not emotional causes to some physical conditions. This is where flower essences can help. For example a sore lower back may arise when starting a new job or venture in life. In natural medicine we could look at treating this as a base chakra issue, in which one may be feeling a lack of support or self confidence, and we could give a corresponding flower essence such as Five Corners for self esteem and trust in oneself.

In Europe, flower essences are even being embraced in hospitals to treat physical conditions. For example, 'She Oak' from the Australian Bush Flower essence range is being used as a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

All of our naturopaths at the Jackson Health Naturopathic are trained in flower essence therapy and have a particular interest in looking at the possible emotional causes to physical ailments and helping you to reach a true state of health and happiness in your life.