Success Stories

It's always encouraging to hear success stories other couples Jason has helped conceive successfully over the past 15 years. Heart-felt and inspiring, these stories give hope to all couples trying to conceive, and especially those experiencing multiple miscarriages and fertility issues.

‘And Baby Makes Glee'!

Our little boy came into the world on 26 July 2002. We both agree that this was the most joyous experience.

We were late starters, not marrying until 34, and then enjoying a year together before trying for a baby. We had a couple of reasons why a pregnancy may not come easy for us but our attitude at the time was ... ‘Oh well, if we don't fall pregnant, it is not meant to be ... we will just have to accept it'. This comment seemed quite reasonable before we had difficulty conceiving.

Once things weren't going to plan there was no way we were going to ‘accept it' until we had tried every option. Apart from our age, there was also Caroline's misfortune of undergoing cancer treatment (radiation and chemotherapy) in her youth, which meant that a pregnancy may not be possible.

After going through the usual process of elimination with medical and fertility checks we ended up in the fertile, however, ‘unexplained' category. We then followed the usual medical path finally trying IVF. It was September 2001 when my friend told me about Jason Jackson's fertility successes so we had our first consultation with Jason on Caroline's birthday, 2 October. Two months later Caroline was pregnant. It seemed incredible that the answer to our problems was so simple. We were supposed to be having another IVF procedure in January so we were all too pleased to cancel it.

The pregnancy went smoothly and we now have a beautiful boy. We recommended Jason to two other women who were having fertility troubles and they too have fallen pregnant.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found Jason. There are some people in this world that you just cannot repay for what they have done for you and we thank Jason from the bottom of our hearts.
- Caroline and Shayne

‘Getting that baby'

A couple of years ago, I came across an article in my local paper, about Jason Jackson and his success in helping couples to conceive. At the time I had been trying for several months to fall pregnant, without success, so I decided to see Jason. It was only a matter of weeks before I too, was pregnant.

It was actually during my pregnancy that I most valued my visits with Jason. He took the time to talk to me about the different stages of pregnancy and with his help I had the most wonderful pregnancy. In May 2002, I gave birth to my beautiful and healthy 4.18kg son. I can't thank Jason enough for helping my husband and me to have our family.
- Helen

‘Getting back on the horse'

After three years of trying for a family, going through the heartache and expense of IVF and all the early morning 3-hour trips to Brisbane, we were finally on the way, but we had double the excitement with twins. Everything was going well until 23 weeks when I went into premature labour. I was flown down to the Mater Mothers' Private Hospital where I stayed in labour for 7 days; what an experience that was, one I will definitely not go through again.

The staff at the Mater hospital where absolutely fabulous, but unfortunately my babies would not hold out and I had to deliver; they were both too young to pull through. Everyone told us that the best cure for when you suffer the loss of a child is to have another straight away, but when you have trouble conceiving this adds to the heartache.

I then received my monthly Queensland Fertility Group Newsletter, where I read an inspiring story about a couple who had been on a real rollercoaster, through years of IVF and miscarriages and then their family asked if they would go and see a Naturopath. They decided they would try anything although they had no faith in natural therapies. After visiting Jason Jackson and taking the prescribed tonics and tablets they were blessed 2 months later with the news they were to become parents at last.

I quickly phoned Jason Jackson myself and we got down there for a consultation the next week. Before I knew it I was taking horse-sized tablets and trying to stomach the worst-tasting tonics out. It actually took us nine months to be successful in falling pregnant. Our excitement was then dulled by the fear of going into premature labour again, and sure enough at 20 weeks and after having fortnightly checkups with my local doctor, my cervix was beginning to open once again.

Jason sent me some tablets to try and strengthen things up and I was then sent for bed rest at 26 weeks until 37. This was successful and I managed to deliver a healthy 8-pound baby girl after being induced one day after my due date. I am now 12 weeks into my third clinical pregnancy and couldn't be happier, although the nerves are yet to start all over again. So for anyone who is ready to give up on having a child due to being too emotionally and physically drained from other treatments, do your body a favour and go and see Jason; you may or may not be successful but at least while you are going through the whole process of trying to get pregnant the natural treatments are making you overall healthier and Jason's wealth of knowledge and empathy for couples enduring this baby-making marathon made all the difference in our success of having a baby.
- Tracey

‘Never Say Never'

By the time I came to see Jason, my husband and I had been trying to conceive for approximately 3 years. I had been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and was giving very little hope of conceiving naturally by my fertility specialist. I was given a course of Clomid to stimulate ovulation, however the medication failed to stimulate my ovaries into producing any follicles.

My doctors answer to this was to increase the dose until ovulation occurred, but the side effects the drug had on my body from taking large amounts, made me realize I wasn't ready to make the journey down the road towards I.V.F. just yet.

I kept telling myself that I was only in my 20's and had plenty of child bearing years left in me and there was a small chance it could happen without medical intervention.

I ended up seeking the help of a Naturopath who specialised in women's reproductive problems. After a year of taking the herbal tonic for a year and not experiencing any changes to my cycle, I decided to try someone new that person was Jason Jackson.
My first appointment with Jason was very informative and he made me believe that my PCOS was treatable and a natural conception was in fact very possible.

We had to first balance my hormones in order for me to ovulate and reduce my long 86 day cycles to a normal 28 to 30 days. I came away with a bag of ‘goodies' for myself and my husband and most importantly a feeling of ‘hope'. After 3 months on my medicines from Jason, I had another blood test done to check my hormone levels. My doctor was very surprised when the results showed that my LH had halved since my last test where the level was extremely high.

When I suggested the herbs from Jason had worked my doctor was quick to dismiss this as being the case. After another few months of seeing Jason we were very delighted to discover that I was pregnant and after a trouble free pregnancy with the help of Jason, our beautiful baby boy arrived on his due date after a ‘natural' 5 ½ hour labour.

When it was time for baby number 2, I sought Jason's expertise once again. After 3 months of trying I was over the moon to discover I was pregnant once again. I again saw Jason throughout my pregnancy and our 2nd son was born after a ‘natural' 3 hour labour. 

Thank you Jason from the bottom of our hearts for helping us conceive our 2 little miracles. I truely believe we couldn't have done it without your help you positively are a God send.
- Maria

‘A Dream Run'

Finding good advice these days is difficult. As my fiancee and I met later in life we were both 41 when we decided to try to have a family. Everybody was telling us something different and we were torn between the medical and herbal fields. When we met Jason Jackson he made us feel completely at ease and immediately we felt confident enough to be guided by his expertise.

Jason has a sound knowledge of both the medical and naturopathic fields and tailored an easy plan for us as individuals, taking into consideration our lifestyle and general health. After 3 months we were blessed with a pregnancy and the entire journey has been a "dream run". I could not have asked for better health during the 9 months or a better result in the end product - a perfectly healthy little boy.

Thank you Jason for your compassion, guidance and expertise - we are forever grateful.

Our warmest regards
- Jen (nee Nicoll), Ron and baby Mathew Lust