Natural Fertility

We aim to help you on your quest to the the greatest gift of all... a new life!

Over the last fifty years or so there has been growing concern for our ability to reproduce. Our modern world brings with it many conveniences, and this comes at a price. Modern food does not contain as many nutrients and is often genetically engineered. We are also constantly exposed to pollution, drugs, radiation and chemical processing, and no matter how health conscious you are, you could still be missing a piece of the puzzle.

We see time and time again that by treating deficiencies and imbalances caused by our modern society, unexplained infertility is corrected. Perhaps you or your partner have been diagnosed with one of the many reproductive disorders that exist and already know that conceiving will be a little more difficult for you. Never lose hope.

It is important to know that you are not alone, and help truly is available. Discover more by reading the full Natural Fertility Program details.

The most common frequently asked questions regarding our Natural Fertility Program are answered below.

Natural Fertility Program FAQ's

How does the Making Babies Fertility Program work?

The Making Babies Fertility Program assesses both Male and Female partners to address underlying causes of Infertility and health problems. Whilst this program aims to allow the person to fall pregnant naturally, it also addresses all health concerns that the person may be experiencing as quite often it can be some of these other health concerns that are impacting on their hormonal health, and ultimately their chances of conceiving.

Once you have an appointment booked for a Fertility consultation, you are to fill out and return/bring in your Fertility Health Questionnaire for both partners (if applicable). You will then have your first One-on-One Fertility Consultation with your experienced Practitioner where you can discuss your health concerns, analyse blood and/or hormone pathology (if you have any) as well as ask all the questions you are dying to find out.

Your Practitioner will be able to help educate you on ways to enhance your natural fertility and can prescribe the highest quality supplements which we have found to be extremely effective in treating most male and female reproductive health problems which may compromise fertility.  

People who would benefit from our Making Babies Fertility Program

  • People who have no issues with fertility but want healthy babies and help with Pre-Conception Care
  • People who have infertility, unexplained fertility or sub-fertility, with or without known cause
  • People experiencing secondary infertility
  • People with a history of miscarriage
  • People seeking preconception advice for IVF, ICSI and IUI, and who are hoping to maximise their chance of success
  • People aged 18 to 40+ years who require assistance with reproductive health.
  • Males with low sperm counts and abnormalities
  • Females with hormonal irregularities
  • People who are stressed and emotionally drained
  • People wanting natural pregnancy support

Why people participate in this Natural Fertility Program?

Fertility Problems
Pre-Conception Care can help to reverse or reduce any fertility problems stopping you from falling pregnant which can save you money, time and heartache on costly medically assisted procedures.

A ticking Reproductive Clock
Prospective parents who want to conceive at an older age can drastically improve their chances by boosting their reproductive health.

Going through Medically Assisted Fertility
Pre-Conception Care can significantly improve your chances and help reduce risks of miscarriage when using assisted reproductive technology procedures (IVF, AI, Ovulation Induction etc).

Healthy Parents, Healthy Bub
Pre-Conception Care has been known to create and maintain healthy pregnancies with minimal health concerns whilst also providing natural assistance for Pre-Eclampsia, Anaemia, Pregnancy Fatigue, Morning Sickness etc.

I am not as young as I used to be, is this program suited to me?

Most definitely – in fact it is ideal for you! In our Making Babies Fertility Program, our clientele ranges from early 20’s right up until late 40’s and above. It is not uncommon for the clinic to be helping women and men who are in their late 30’s up to 50’s who are wanting to conceive – so do not feel you are alone or wrong in wanting to conceive later in life.

There are known complications and risks associated with conception at an older age; however this does not mean that it is not possible or that you are too “old”. Our Making Babies Fertility Program can help dramatically improve your mitochondria quality (energy of your cells) and improve the function in your embryos.

As long as your reproductive system is healthy and you are producing healthy eggs and sperm (this is where we come in), there should be no problem with conception and healthy pregnancy.

I can’t come in to the clinic; can I still do the Making Babies Fertility Program?

Whether you live outside of Brisbane, are too busy to come into the clinic, have kids at home that you can’t leave or are just unable to get to clinic, you can definitely still participate in the Making Babies Fertility Program. The Jackson Health Naturopathic Clinic as developed an infamous reputation which means we have thousands of clients who live all over Australia, Asia and the Pacific who cannot get to see us in person. We are happy to perform consultations via phone and any supplements can easily be posted directly to your door (we post daily).

Can I do IVF or use fertility drugs at the same time?

Yes, we can work in with your Fertility Specialists as per your preference. We recommend our Making Babies Fertility Program as your first option rather than your last or concurrent option, as many women we see who plan to go through IVF but “give us a try” at the same time fall pregnant before they get to the actual IVF stage which is fantastic, however had they known it would have saved them money and time.

If it is at all possible to have a natural conception then our main goal is to help you achieve this, however there are times when medical intervention is necessary and in these cases we will most definitely work in with this to give you the best possible outcome.

The Jackson Health Naturopathic Clinic liases with Fertility and IVF clinics so we are able to recommend fantastic IVF specialists who work with us to give YOU the best health care we can. Our aim is to improve your overall health, increasing the possibility of success and decreasing the health risks involved. Our practitioners are knowledgeable about the processes involved with medically assisted fertility and will work in conjunction with your Specialists and Doctors to ensure you are receiving the very best in general and reproductive health care.

‘In a recent study performed in the UK, it showed that IVF success rates more than doubled when preceded by an interval of Pre-Conception health care’.

Why is ‘Pre-Conception Care’ so important before I fall pregnant?

Do you ever wonder why some pregnant women seem to just glow whilst others feel drained, exhausted and just want that baby “out of them”? It is possible that those ‘glowing women’ feel so good because they are maintaining a healthy & happy pregnancy by using Pre-Conception and Pregnancy care to support their changing bodies through this important and amazing phase in life.

At the Jackson Health Naturopathic Clinic, the Making Babies Fertility Program includes what is called “Pre-Conception Care”. Pre-Conception care depicts the time taken prior to falling pregnant to improve your overall health and wellbeing and prepare your body to fall pregnant and maintain a healthy, viable pregnancy to end up with an ultimately healthy baby. At the Jackson Health Naturopathic Clinic, we believe that “Healthy People make Healthy Babies”.

Pre-Conception care can consist of reversing vitamin and mineral deficiencies, balancing hormone production to a healthy level, managing stress and stress hormone production, diet changes, exercise and relaxation.

Can I do the Making Babies Fertility Program without a partner?

Yes. Whilst our program accommodates for both sexes to be treated simultaneously, it does not exclude those who wish to go through the Making Babies Fertility Program on their own. We recommend that if you are attempting to conceive with a partner that you both attend at least the first consultation together, as fertility involves both parties it is easier for your practitioner to understand your situation better.

However, we often have circumstances where either only one person wishes to seek treatment or a person has decided to conceive a child without a partner. Both of these circumstances are no obstacle when it comes to assisting you with your health and fertility. The Jackson Health Naturopathic Clinic has strict confidentiality regulations in place which means your personal information and requirements are protected at all times.

More Information on the Program

You can read more information on the program throughout our website. You can also purchase Jason Jackson’s self-help information book called “Making Babies: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Fertility & Reproductive Health” (RRP: $40.00).

Order a copy of Jason's acclaimed book at Zeus Publications.