The Dispensary

At the Jackson Health Naturopathic Clinic, we contain one of the most comprehensive Herbal and Nutritional Dispensaries in Brisbane. We stock only the highest quality ‘practitioner only’ natural medicines from reputable suppliers.

Due to the large amount of patients we have seen for Fertility, Male and Female hormone re-balancing, Fatigue problems and Anti-ageing support, we have researched and created specially designed powders that are very effective at assisting these concerns (so much so that Practitioners over Australia are requesting to use our formulas for their patients!).

One of the unique factors about the Jackson Health Naturopathic Clinic's Dispensary is that your practitioner is able to compound your medicine specific to your needs due to the vast selection of herbal and nutritional powders located at the clinic. Instead of receiving a multitude of powders, tablets, tonics and drops that you may receive with some other Practitioners, we are able to custom-make powders and tonics to your needs, which can mean less things to take home and a much more economical way to get your health back on track!

Although we stock too many supplements in our Dispensary to mention here, below is a list of some of our product range:

  • BioActiv
  • Bioceutical
  • BioMedica
  • Bioresearch
  • Blackmores Professional Range
  • China Med Chinese Herbal Formulations
  • Dr Vera
  • Eagle
  • Heel
  • Herbal Extract Company
  • Medi-Herb
  • Metagenics
  • NPM
  • Nutrimedicine
  • Nutrition Care
  • Oriental Botanicals
  • Orthoplex
  • Pharmafood
  • PhytoMedicine
  • Sanum
  • Sunray
  • SunTen Chinese Herbs

Supplement Collection and Posting

Any supplements can be collected directly from the clinic otherwise postal orders can be arranged so they are sent direct to your door.

If you need to re-order anything on your prescription, you can email or phone through your order to the clinic and we will have it prepared and ready for you.

If your prescription requires a supplement to be custom made (powders or herbal tonics), it is appreciated if you can phone or email ahead by at least 1 hour to allow enough time for your order to be ready.