Jason Jackson N.D.
Dip.Ap.Sci Nat.B.Sc (hons). R.N.
Dip. Herb Med, ATMS.

Jason Jackson

Naturopath & Herbalist

Jason Jackson is acknowledged as one of Australia’s leading Naturopathic experts in Reproductive Health and Fertility.

Jason is peer recognized as a foremost authority in the field of Clinical Nutrition and Herbal / Phyto Medicine with over 20 years of vast academic and clinical practice experience.  Jason Jackson has specialized in the area’s of fertility and chronic disease for several decades and has witnessed many changes and revolutions though out the health care industries in Australia and overseas.  

Jason has authored several publications including the bestseller book ‘Making Babies’ the definitive guide to improving your fertility and reproductive health.  Jason has appeared widely in the media, and has been a columnist writer for several of the nations leading health journals and magazines.  

Jason has been called “The Naturopath to the Stars” having numerous celebrities seek his advise and “The Fertility King” because of the thousands of healthy babies his treatments have helped in to the world. 

For more than a decade, Jason was a regular presenter on Health for the Number 1 rated evening talk back radio program on 4BC through out Queensland.  

Jason is highly regarded as an entertaining and passionate speaker on all health related topics and has consulted and lectured for some of the largest companies of the Alternative medicine industry in Australia and overseas. 

Jason’s has a strong interest in product supplement research and development and has advised extensively in this area and also has several pioneering and innovative products already available under his own brand.

The phenomenal success of Jason Jackson’s Making Babies Natural Fertility Program has not only helped thousands of clients in Australia, but has attracted clients from all over the world.  

“The greatest gift to receive is the gift of life itself”

Jason’s background includes working in the nursing and hospital industries providing front line health care in many areas ranging from emergency medicine, aged care, physiotherapy rehab assistance, to palliative intensive care (chronic and critically ill).  

Jason previously had a sporting background having been a national level athlete himself, went on to also study sports medicine and fitness training.  Jason has assisted many of our countries elite; Olympic and world champion athletes with their quest of improved sporting endeavors. 

After suffering a life changing injury, Jason has committed his purpose in life to helping others achieve enhanced vitality and wellbeing in the pursuit of optimal health and longevity.  Jason has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of human biochemistry and functional physiology.  


Jason’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Health Science with honors; Diplomas of Applied Sciences in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine (Awarded 2nd Highest graduate from the Australia College of Natural Medicine, Brisbane, now know as ‘Endeavour College”) and was offered the position with the college faculty as The Head of the Naturopathic Department, consultant for College Naturopathy Academic curriculum. Jason has also done further studies through the Queensland Institute of Applied Sciences (QIAS).

Jason is a fully qualified, registered and master’s member of the Australia Natural Medicine Association (ATMS), Australian Traditional Medicine Association (ATMS) and the National Herbalist Association of Australia (NHAA).

Jason is constantly keeping abreast of all the current changes and new information related to the health industry and attends the preeminent symposiums to remain up to the minute with the latest in continues education.  Jason has a strong affiliation with many of the countries best medical specialists.

Jason offers an eclectic wealth of up-to-date knowledge, backed with the support, empathy, and understanding you need to guide you through your health concerns.  

Jason takes the time to really LISTEN to your concerns and will explain step-by-step the answers and strategies to better your health and wellbeing.  By working together, he will design an individually tailored treatment or maintenance program to help you achieve your goals of getting back into tip top health.

"I have been extremely blessed to have trained with some of the greatest (genius) minds and collective intellects of our time in the field of Alternative, Complimentary Medicine over the years.  I hope in the future that much more research goes toward rediscovering the lost empirical wisdom of the ancient cultures over the millennia. Now with the benefits of modern state of the art evidence based science and technology, we hopefully have only scratch the surface for what great and wonderful health enhancing discoverers are yet to come".

"I believe we are all born with a special skill set and purpose in life unique to oneself. When you can recognize and act upon this purpose you truly fulfill and enrich not only your life but also the countless other lives that cross your path. I believe I have the best career in the world.  I wake up ever day with the opportunity to enhance and better people’s lives and make a REAL difference for the greater good.  I have seen many amazing things and I couldn’t image doing anything else that would come close to matching this".

"I’ve seen people paralyzed from the neck down for a large percent of there lives get up and walk again; I’ve seen people given grave diagnosis of their afflictions turn there fates around from the brink; I’ve seen and bared witness to thousands of people told that they may not be able to have child, many of the original babies that we helped find there way are now old enough to be parents them selves; I’ve seen a lot and I hope there is much more amazing good things yet to see and do”! 


Tune-in to Jason on 4BC Talk-back radio every second Tuesday at 8.30pm for "Feeling Good" with Walter Williams - 1116 AM RADIO.

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Please note that some products Jason discusses on the Radio may not be available to the general public without a proper consultation by one of our Practitioners. This is for your safety and is to ensure that any medicines you take are necessary and right for you. Please speak with one of our friendly staff to organise a time to see one of our fantastic Practitioners and get the right advice!

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