Welcome to Jackson Health

Now more than ever, we are seeing increased health issues due to toxicity in our environment and nutrient depleted diets which results in alarming levels of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, poor nutrition, fatigue, and a general feeling of things just not feeling quite right!

At Jackson Health Naturopathic Clinic, we LITERALLY take a grass roots approach to health care. WE believe that with self-knowledge comes power and it is our goal to educate you on your health and arm you with the proper skills and defenses you need to maintain exceptional wellbeing through out your life. 

Looking after yourself shouldn’t be a chore, the pursuit of optimal health is ultimately your choice, however if awesome health and wellbeing is something that you believe is and will be important to you now and in the future then from time to time you may need to seek some extra expert direction to keep you on the right path.  You cannot except or be expected to help those you love around you without first looking after yourself. 

We are only given one body and one mind in this life and if you want to pack hopefully a hundred years or so worth of extraordinary experiences into to it then you need to learn new and fresh ways to keep your mind and body running at its optimum and to ward off invasive medical intervention. 

Remember, your health is your wealth and greatest asset.  You could be the richest person on the planet but with out your health all the wealth in the world is meaningless.  We all would like to have longevity but more importantly its what we do with that time is what’s most important. 

At the end of the day we want to live a long, active and fruitful life but void of degenerative disease with our mental faculties intact and as fear and pain-free, as possible.  

Not all of use are lucky to be genetically gifted and even if you were our cells are constantly under wear and tear from the nasty’s in the environment and even from our own internal bye products from normal day-to-day metabolic activity. Our bodies are in a constant state of healing and repair (we regenerate trillions of cells daily, and replenish essentially 99% of our entire body every year) and when this wear exceeds our ability to repair then you are in cellular crisis and this is what opens the door for dis-ease and illness to occur.    

With good nutrition, a positive relaxed outlook, and the right advise and support, epic health and vitality can finally be yours.  The best athletes have the best coaches, your cars needs a good mechanic to keep it in excellent operational and road worth condition, and you need to do the same as well. Amazing Fact: The human body consists primarily of TUBES, comprising approximately 225,308 kilometers or 140,000 miles of tubing, (two thirds the distance from earth to the moon) and this requires constant maintenance (a plumbers nightmare)!  

Naturopathy may have the answers you are looking for.  The information related to health doubles every year and like technology quickly becomes obsolete if not constantly renewed and upgraded to the latest standards. 

It takes a dedicated team of top health care professionals with real life experience to decipher fact from fiction to guide you through the maze and find the missing pieces to rejuvenate your health and wellbeing, naturally.

Call and Visit us today and experience the Jackson Health difference!

Step 1: Arrange Your First Initial Consultation

For many, this may be your first introduction or experience seeing a Naturopathic Practitioner.  If you are searching for answers to your health enquires then you have come to the right place.  

The first step is to call our helpful clinic office team on (07) 54777115 to schedule your initial Naturopathic consultation.  

Our staff will bend over backwards to make your experience as pleasant as possible and will answer and discuss any immediate questions you have on your mind.

Please bring along to the first reserved appointment any medical test results e.g. (Blood Pathology, X-Rays, etc.) or records that may be relevant to your current health care concerns.  SMS or phone call reminders of your up coming appointment will be notified several days prior to your reserved appointment time.    

The initial appointment may take approximately one (1) hour in duration, during the first appointment a lot of past and present medical and health history is taken (generally more than the usual medical doctors visit).  The more information that can be gathered and analyzed helps greatly in accessing a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of your unique / individual holistic health care needs and requirements.      

At the conclusion of the consultation various treatment strategies will possible be discussed to find the best protocol to suit you.  

Many of the supplements (natural medications) that may be recommended are especially compounded or custom-made for your very specific bio-individual health care needs. 

Having a bio-individual treatment plan diligently adapted for you can significantly stream line not only the cost but also the amount of supplements that may other wise be recommended to take to address the same issues. 

By specifically selecting the right ingredients and the right potency can greatly maximize the over-all health benefits and desired outcome.  This is an advanced skilled service that very few Naturopathic Clinic’s offer any more.   

Phone consultations and Skype appointments are commonly arranged if you are unable to attend in person to the clinic. *(You can have your consultation while sitting at home in your PJ’s, avoid getting held up in frustrating traffic jams, can’t get away from work or you could even have your consultation sitting on a beautiful beach anywhere in the world) Food for thought!

A questionnaire may be mailed or emailed to you in advance prior to your consultation to fill out and return so we already have correlated a lot of information even before we begin.

We also offer an express postage service to deliver the prescribed supplements to you anywhere in the world. 
Health Fund rebates are available through most affiliated funds.  Most major credit card are also accepted.  

Step 2: Follow-Up Consultations

Depending on the findings from your initial consultation, follow-up consultations may be recommended and can vary from 2 weeks and 2 months apart.  Follow-up consultations are usually much shorter in duration approx. 30 minutes to review your response to initial treatments and to fine-tune future treatments depending upon your response. Additional Pathology testing may be also recommended (if relevant). Alterations via food therapy and supplementation modification may also be reviewed.

Step 3:  Maintenance Programs

After initial and follow-up protocols have concluded a health maintenance and longevity program can be developed and implemented to manage your over-all vitality, optimize your wellbeing, enhance resilience to dis-ease and reduce chronic degeneration health conditions now and ongoing into the future.